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As part of our Worldwide Developers series, we get opinions and insights from AppBooker members from various corners of the globe. This week we caught up with a native Berliner who gave us his insights into new challenges currently facing app developers.
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Jan Fuelleman
Nova Media

“If you’re looking at Berlin in the search of an app developer you hit the jackpot. Our city is the capital of app creators and you can nearly feel the bits and bytes flying around you.

For an app development company, this means tough competition. For every contract you want to win, there are dozens of cheaper offers available. Venture capital is streaming in and any company which has the name ‘App’ in its name is seemingly onto a winner. And just when you thought you have seen it all, you see offerings like coming along which allows end users to create apps in 60 seconds with no programming skills needed. In addition, we see more and more development agencies using these construction kits themselves to provide basic apps for minimum fees. So it looks like the golden age for App developers is just ending and the dark age of crowding out is to begin.

The basic message for us small and middle sized development companies is simple. If you have not found your development niche right now you might not have much time left until the competition will render you out of business.

Finding the right niche is not merely a way to create the right apps. It is the ability to think the way your customers do and understand their needs on a very basic level. For us at Nova Media, that transfers to: Serious Apps. No Games. We will not create another app to read a magazine on your mobile device. We will not try to develop yet another Angry Bird copy.

Instead we are focused on all kind of apps which are used to communicate with and to control machines – from heating systems to scientific devices. As we are mostly engineers this seems to be the natural way.

But what about your situation. What market niches have you found? What is your survival strategy?”

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